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Do You Have These Must-Haves in Your Car?

Posted on: August 11, 2021 at 2:19 pm, in

Summer (or winter) holiday planned soon that requires a long drive? There are a couple of items that are must-haves for your car. Strap yourself in and be prepared.

When you’re out and about, it helps to be prepared. Unfortunately, you will not always bump into a good samaritan type stranger who has everything you need in an emergency. It helps to have a few key items in your car already. 


Things You Should Consider Having In Your Car



  • Important documentation


You should always keep the owner’s manual and any car repair information inside the vehicle, such as in the glove box. 

The owner’s manual tells you important information about the vehicle and how it operates, as well as recommendations for fuel levels and tyre pressure. If it comes with the vehicle, you shouldn’t take it out.

Any car repair information and vehicle history are recommended to stay with the car, as this information will help when selling or repairing it.

Inside your glove box, it’s also important to keep insurance documentation as well as any emergency contacts numbers and information, just in case you need it.



  • Spare tyre, car jack & wheel brace


There is nothing quite so frustrating as realising you need to replace a tyre and not having a spare, or finding out you don’t have a car jack. To combat this, make sure you have all three items and you’ll be set for any tyre eventuality. 



  • Tyre pressure gauge


A tyre pressure gauge is a handy little device to have in your vehicle, or at least kept in your garage, allowing you to regularly check the pressure. With the correct tyre pressure, it will improve vehicle handling, prolong the lifespan of your tyres, and help to increase fuel economy.

There’s no way to gauge how much air has been lost from your tyres, or how much needs to be added. However, with a tyre pressure gauge, you can easily find out.



  • WD-40


If you’ve struggled to loosen a nut on your car or have been battling with a squeaky door, then having some WD-40 to hand is perfect. It’ll help you easily switch out a license plate, silence a creaky door, or loosen strong nuts and bolts!



  • Duct tape


Duct tape is incredibly durable and has many, many uses. It is a great item to keep in the car as it can come to the rescue for an emergency fix! Its purpose can be diverse; many car owners have found endless uses for duct tape, from covering unexpected leaks, cracks and breaks to other DIY fixes.



  • Cleaning supplies


No matter whether we’re in our home or in a car, things can get spilt and messes do happen. To avoid frustration and clean up straight away, make sure to keep this cleaning supplies handy in your car: zip lock bags, reusable shopping bags, hand sanitiser, paper towels/ tissues or wet wipes, a bag for rubbish, water bottles and even a first aid kit.



  • Torch


We don’t always drive in the daylight. Sometimes, night drives are regular, and unfortunately, things going wrong aren’t confined to hours with sunlight only. By having a workable, bright torch in your vehicle, you can easily carry out any car maintenance task required, such as changing a tyre.



  • Ice scraper


An ice scraper is particularly useful in the winter months and crucial for days where your windscreen freezes or there is a healthy dose of snow. This tool will help you avoid scratches on the windscreen, whilst also being able to clear your vision so that you can safely drive the vehicle.


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