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Your Guide to Performance Tyres

Is it time for you to get new tyres for your car? For most drivers, that means getting a new set of all season tyres, like the ones that originally came on your car. All season tyres have many benefits, but you may be looking into getting performance tyres for your sports or other premium car. Here is your quick guide to performance tyres!


What Are Run Flat Tyres?

Run flats are tyres that are specifically designed with reinforced sidewalls. This means that if you get a puncture, you can continue driving on them at a limited speed for a limited amount of time. Getting a puncture is the most common reason for a mechanical breakdown and it can be a very scary experience. Run flats make this experience drastically less scary, there is no need to pull over on the road side and try to change the tyre.


The Importance of Tyre Tread

In terms of safety, there may not be a more important component on your vehicle than its tyres. As tyres have evolved, as has their role in road safety. Tyres are made from specifically formulated rubber compounds and the way that the tread is engineered provides specific safety features.


The Differences Between Wheel Tracking, Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel Tracking / Wheel Alignment

What is wheel alignment and what does it do for your car? Essentially, wheel alignment, also referred to as wheel tracking, helps your tyres perform better as well as ensures they last longer. Alongside these key elements, wheel alignment also helps improve the handling of the vehicle and keeps it from pulling in one direction or the steering wheel from vibrating when driving.


Do My Tyres Need To Be Balanced?

Tyre balancing is a key part of car maintenance – it helps make sure that weight is evenly distributed around the entire circumference of your car.


Do You Have These Must-Haves in Your Car?

Summer (or winter) holiday planned soon that requires a long drive? There are a couple of items that are must-haves for your car. Strap yourself in and be prepared.

When you’re out and about, it helps to be prepared. Unfortunately, you will not always bump into a good samaritan type stranger who has everything you need in an emergency. It helps to have a few key items in your car already. 


10 Fun Facts About Cars

Most of us rely on a car on the daily. It’s our go-to mode of transportation. A place where road trips begin, endless games of eye-spy are played, and a bubble where we can sing at the top of our lungs when the workday is done during our commute home.

No matter whether you’re on your first car or your fifth, we all secretly love our automobiles. So let’s learn more about them – as we seem to spend so much time inside them.

Here are 10 interesting facts about cars that you may not have heard about before.


Are You Summer Ready? Get Your Car In Shape With These Summer Car Care Tips

As we head further into the spring, we begin to ask ourselves: is my car ready for summer? A lot changes over the autumn and winter months, which means certain checks need to be done.

Forget about your summer body. It’s time to start thinking about caring for your car and prepping it for summer instead! Before you plan your summer and all those epic road trips or holidays around the UK, it’s important to give a little TLC to your vehicle and prepare it for the good times ahead.


3 Tips for Fuel Economy in Winter

The winter season poses many challenges to drivers, particularly with regards to fuel efficiency. As temperatures drop below freezing, many drivers use their vehicles in a more fuel-inefficient way, how can you combat this?


How Do Winter Tyres Work?

When the temperature starts to drop, it is advisable to switch to winter tyres. But what is the difference between summer tyres and winter tyres? How do winter tyres work compared to summer tyres in the cold weather?