Understanding Tyre Speed Rating

an image of the profile of a tyre

With all the important information that is on the wall of a tyre, it can be easy to lose track of what you’re looking at. However, it’s imperative to understand the limits of your tyres and what they have been designed to handle. You can find an insight into tyre speed rating below.


As is true with anything, it’s best not to exceed the limits of something – especially when it’s a matter of safety. Tyre speed rating, as is true with all aspects of tyre safety, is implemented to ensure your tyres are not in danger of being a hazard.

Finding your tyre speed rating

Finding your tyre speed rating is simple. The last character of the code on the wall of your tyre, which is a letter from A-Z, is the speed rating of your tyre and it is applicable to specific vehicles.

In order to find the manufacturer-recommended tyre speed rating of your vehicle, you can draw from one of four sources; the owner’s manual, the driver’s side door jamb, the glove box door or the petrol tank hatch.

Most common tyre speed ratings

The most common tyre speed ratings for domestic vehicles are as follows:

T = 118 mph (190 km/h) and is usually used for saloons and people-carriers.
H = 130 mph (210 km/h) and is relevant for some sports cars, saloons and coupes.
V = 149 mph (240 km/h) and is used for sports cars.
W = 168 mph (270 km/h) and is also used for sports cars
Z = 149+ (240+ km/h) and is used for sports cars.
Y = 186 mph (299 km/h) and is used for super cars.
(Y) = 189+ mph (299= km/h) and is also used for high performance road cars, like super cars.

You should always refer to the tyre speed rating that your vehicle manufacturer has recommended when purchasing tyres, as it is imperative that this is correct. What’s more, the tyre speed rating itself refers to the maximum speed with which a tyre can perform optimally, and doesn’t mean you can drive at the maximum speed for sustained periods of time safely.

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