Top Tips for Driving in Snow

an image of a car driving in snow

The British winter weather is pretty unpredictable and you can never really be prepared for driving in snow, as the weather can never make its mind up. However, when it does snow, it’s important you know how to drive appropriately for the weather, as icy and wet roads can cause disruption to the roads and dramatically affects your driving ability. If the weather is exceptionally bad and the snow is heavy, then avoid leaving the house at all if possible. Adverse weather is not only dangerous but can also be frightening for new and less experienced drivers.

We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to ensure you’re driving in snow safely and cautiously.

Drive Slowly

If you’re driving through fresh snow then friction against your tyres will be a lot higher, so it’s important not to speed up and become unstable. Snow will turn to ice within a matter of hours and the roads will become slippery, so it’s vital you take your time and drive with caution. Driving slowly will allow you to gain a better grip and will reduce skidding.

Increase Distance

Driving in snow means braking will take much longer than on dry roads, so be sure to increase the distance between you and the car in front. Increase a four-second gap to an eight-second gap to allow you extra space and time to break, as your car could slide along once braking.

Avoid Stopping

A bold ask, but any sudden braking or even normal braking can cause serious crashes and road disruption. The combination of snow and ice on the roads will mean your car is extremely likely to slide and you can quickly become out of control of your car.

Avoid Hill Stops

Due to the icy road, there’s a strong chance your car will not have enough grip to allow you to stop completely and you’ll slide back into the car behind you. Gain enough speed before the hill to allow to momentum to take you up.

If you find yourself driving in snow this winter then be sure your tyres are up to scratch and are at a legal standard to be on the road. Call Longbridge Tyres on 0121 457 7582 to make an appointment and we’ll give your tyres a thorough check to ensure the tread is thick enough, or should you require it, we can expertly fit winter tyres for you.