Are Part Worn Tyres Safe to Use?

an image of latticed part worn tyres

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe to Use

Tyresafe is warning Britain’s drivers to be extra cautious when considering buying used or part worn tyres from dealerships. A recent inspection carried out by Tyresafe resulted in only 6% of the tyres tested being compliant with legal tyre regulations.

Nationwide Inspection

Working in partnership with Trading Standards and the National Tyre Distributors’ Association, the inspection was carried out to check how safe and legal part worn tyres currently being sold to British drivers are. 67 tyres were checked in total and over half of them showed clear signs of damage affecting safety including structural damage, deterioration and insufficient repairs.

Findings on Part Worn Tyres

The recent investigation has led to many tyre dealerships being convicted of providing unsafe tyres and have been provided with the appropriate guidance. The investigation also found a high number of cases where the incorrect sized tyre was fitted, incorrect tyre pressure was applied and even a case where all four tyres fitted were filled with water and were deemed dangerous to drive on and not fit for purpose. Although some dealerships were found to be supplying safe and legal used tyres, it was a very small number and were found to be exceptional instances rather than the standard.

Tyresafe is a UK charity operating to raise awareness on the dangers of using part worn tyres and illegal tyres since 2006 when they first started. They continue to campaign about the importance of regular tyre maintenance and to ensure all motorists remain cautious when purchasing part worn tyres from dealerships.

Before you consider a part worn tyre, ask yourself why the tyre was removed from the car in the first place. Here at Longbridge Tyres, we can provide you with new tyres for your car at a competitive price, and fit them for you too! Just give us a call on 0121 457 7582 or fill out our simple contact form and we’ll be happy to help.