MOT Checklist: What You Need to Look Out For

an image of a person following an MOT checklist to to check under the bonnet of a car

It’s the time of year we all dread, especially if you have an older car, the unpleasant MOT test. It’s estimated that roughly 1.5 million drivers will fail their MOT test per year, so it’s vital you know how your car works and know if it’s running smoothly, as it should. We’ve put together a little MOT checklist to help you improve your MOT results and make the bill a bit smaller.

To the average person with perhaps little technical vehicle knowledge, you might be unaware of the potential risks and factors each garage takes into consideration when checking your vehicle. Your car might be suffering with minor technical problems that could fail your MOT completely, so our helpful MOT checklist below should help you to brush up on your MOT test knowledge.

Headlights & indicators – One of the more obvious checks is to ensure all your lights are working, even if just one is out, you can fail your MOT.

Brake lights – Driving without brake lights is extremely dangerous, so make sure you get a friend to check they’re working correctly.

Tyres – Driving with bald tyres is a criminal offence. If you’re unsure, use the 20p test to see how thick your tyre tread is.

Number plate – Check your number plate is visibly clear and easy to read, give it a quick wipe if not.

Screenwash – One of the less obvious checks on our MOT checklist is the screenwash. Check under your bonnet and make sure it’s filled with appropriate screenwash, as they’ll check.

Seatbelts – Pull each one out fully and check there’s no damage on the material, pull on it quickly to check for the restricting safety feature.

Windscreen – Check your windscreen for any damage to the glass.

Windscreen wipers – Pull up each blade and make sure they’re not damaged and are wiping across the screen effectively.

Engine oil and petrol – Make sure you car has petrol to carry out the test and that the oil is at the right level. Call your manufacturer to check which oil yours needs.

Horn – Press on your horn to check there’s a clear and loud horn.

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