How To Increase the Life of Your Performance Tyres

With 45.5 million people driving on the roads in Britain, driving conditions are becoming harder, more congested, and the life of tyres aren’t lasting like they used to. Making the life of your performance tyres last longer isn’t as easy as it seems and paying out for a decent set of wheels is a pretty expensive purchase. Making your original tyres last as long as possible before they pack in is a task, but we’ve compiled some useful tips and tricks to squeeze as much life into your tyres before they need replacing.

No matter how much money you spend on expensive performance tyres, how long your tyres last comes down to how you treat them and your driving habits. Once you’ve forked out for them, it’s up to you to make them last as long as possible and get the most from their potential.

Changing your driving habits

The way you treat your car and the way you drive will affect the life of your tyres drastically. It seems like simple stuff, but paying more attention to the roads and taking a few extra seconds to assess your driving matters. Things like avoiding potholes, curbs, slower turns, slower starts, stops and staying at the speed limit will make the tread on your tyres last longer. The faster you drive, the hotter your tyres become and causes the slow breakdown of them.

Check your tyre pressure

Most people won’t realise that the pressure of your tyres is what will affect them the most. Checking them regularly every month will ensure they’re at the right pressure and give them the longest life. The best time to check your tyre pressure is in the morning when the air in them is cold, once they’ve warmed up the pressure will be off when you check. Check your car’s manual for the right pressure and head to your nearest petrol station to adjust them.

The condition of your performance tyres

The conditions of some roads aren’t great and once you’ve driven over a nail, sharp stones, and pieces of glass in the road you’re bound to have caused some damage to them. Check your tyres frequently for any large gashes and cuts to them. If the damage is bad, then replace your tyres immediately as the air could be leaking from them. Fail to comply with Government Regulations and you could be slapped with a £2,500 fine if your tyre tread is under 1.6mm, so get checking!

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