How Are Tyres Made?

image of a pile of tyres

Tyres are not the most glamorous element of a car’s construction, however, they have a massive influence and impact on the safety, performance, handling and fuel economy of your vehicle.

When driving around, running errands, we don’t usually think too much into the construction of a tyre. So what is there to know about the construction of one of the most vital car components? Here is everything you need to know about the manufacturing and construction of modern tyres.

Tyre construction foundations 

Tyres are made up of more than just the outer black, vulcanised rubber sidewalls, bead and tread that we all know and recognise.

The Ply 

Rubber coated woven fabric or fibre belts – this part of the tyre gives it its strength and durability. It makes the tyres skeleton and gives the tyre its shape and substance.

Carcass Ply 

This is a layer that is placed directly above the inner layer of the tyre and provides principle strength for the base and main part of the tyre.


This element acts as a reinforcement layer to the carcass ply to provide additional strength and rigidity. It also gives significant extra protection against picking up punctures.

Steel Cable Braids

These are added later to the tyre’s rim in order to form the bead. This helps provide rigidity to the edges and forms an airtight seal with the wheel rim.


What is the construction process of a tyre?

A tyre is constructed from the inside out; it begins with using the ply and steel belt to form a skeleton shape upon which the sidewalls, shoulder and tread of the tyre are constructed. 

The exact proportions of all the different materials such as the type of rubber, gums, bonding agents and fillers play a crucial role in determining the performance of a tyre’s road handling, durability and fuel economy.



When choosing your next tyres, it’s important to make sure you look at and understand its key components as this has a significant impact on vehicle performance. If you need a new set or pair of tyres, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Longbridge Tyres today. Call us on 0121 457 7582, alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.