A Guide to Buying Replacement Tyres

an image of two new, replacement tyres

Tyres are essential for car safety and also performance, so choosing the right replacement tyres when the time comes is imperative. There are a few key considerations to make when buying new tyres, and those include the different ratings, performance, and your budget. Longbridge Tyres use our industry expertise to go into more detail about these important features in our latest blog post below.

Before Buying

Before you buy replacement tyres, you should first get to grips with the components that ensure they fit your vehicle’s wheels. These include the size, profile, rim size, load rating, and speed rating. A common example of how this might look, which will be printed on the sidewall of your tyre, is 205/55/R16 91V. Here is a breakdown of what that means:

205 – this is the width of a tyre in millimetres.
55 – this is the profile (or height) of the tyre as a percentage, in relation to the width. In this case, the height is 55% of the width.
R16 – this is the diameter of the rim in inches, with the ‘R’ standing for a radial construction.
91 – this is the load rating of the individual tyre, with 91 equating to a load rating of 615kg per tyre (or 2460kg altogether).
V – this is the speed rating, which in this case is 149 MPH. Most cars have T (118 mph), H (130 mph), or V (149 mph).

Once you understand the right ratings your tyre has, and therefore car needs, it will be much easier to find the right tyre.

While Buying

Just because you know the right size and ratings you need, doesn’t mean you will be able to find the right tyre for you. There are also matters of performance that can be very important when finding the right replacement tyres.

You must consider the different labels on tyres, which are determined by EU legislation. They are as follows:

Fuel economy – the symbol is a tyre with a fuel pump and the scale goes from an A to G scale, with A being the most fuel-efficient tyre.

Wet grip – this also goes from an A to G scale, but this time describes stopping distance in wet conditions, with A being the shortest. Look out for the icon, which is a splashing tyre next to a raining cloud.

External rolling noise – the symbol is a scale of three soundwave bars, with 1 bar being the quietest and showing that the tyre is quieter than future EU legislation requires. The label is a tyre with a speaker exuding soundwaves next to it.

These are the three main categories of consideration to keep in mind after becoming aware of the tyre labels and their meaning:

Weather and climate: If you’re a driver in a climate that is extreme, even slightly in favour of one way or another, you should consider finding the right tyres for this case. For example, there are winter tyres and summer tyres available, which are self-explanatory, or it could be as simple as choosing a higher wet grip rating if your local climate is wet.

Driving style: This is another important aspect to consider as you would want the most fuel-efficient tyres to reap the highest reward if you drive a lot of miles, for example.

Budget: Budget is an essential item on any list of considerations, and new tyres are no different. Aim to strike the best balance of performance characteristics within your budget, reducing the compromise in one singular aspect as far as possible.


As with any aspect of your vehicle, maintenance is essential for earning the best performance and this still stands for tyres. A few things to look out for include the correct tyre pressure, any excessive wear and tear, and the right wheel balancing and tracking, which can be noticed through uneven tyre wear. If you keep an eye on these aspects, your tyres should last you a long time.

Longbridge Tyres

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