Facts About Recycling Tyres

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Rubber was once such a commodity, that it was almost equal to silver in value per pound. At that time, which was around the 1940s, tyre recycling was essential purely due to the expense of the material. Today, recycling tyres is essential due to the environmental implications of dumping them on landfill sites, the amount of tyres we use, and the potential uses for ‘end-of-life’ tyres. Here at Longbridge Tyres, as our name suggests, we are experts on all things tyres – that’s why we thought we’d run you through a few facts about recycling tyres.

Background Facts About Recycling Tyres

Since whole tyres have been banned from landfill sites in the UK since around 2002, there is no choice for consumers but to recycle them. Over 1 billion tyres are produced each year, and around 1 billion come to the end of their life in the same period of time, so it’s important to make the most of the 200 raw materials that come together in each.

Commercial Uses For Tyre Recycling

Tyres are great resources for a myriad of different applications, even after their life keeping vehicles in touch with the road surface has ended.

Retreaded tyres can be reused in all situations, although not all tyres are suitable for retreading. The process requires the remoulding of rubber, in order to lengthen the life of a tyre. When done properly, this process is a viable method of tyre recycling, but only when done properly.

Tyre-derived fuel is believed to be a viable replacement for fossil fuels, especially petroleum and coal. TDF can reportedly produce as much energy as petroleum and 25% more energy than coal.

Recycled tyres are a great resource for ground surfaces, especially ground rubber and rubber-modified asphalt. Did you know that rubber has been used in road surfaces since the 1960s?

As is true with many other recycled products, tyres can be recycled into other products that range from shoes to chairs.

A Useful Commodity

Tyres are a useful commodity that can have a long life even beyond what is expected. Even if you don’t realise it, you may even come into contact with recycled rubber in places you would least expect. Look out for an upcoming blog with some DIY ideas for recycling tyres at home, which is the perfect compliment to these facts about recycling tyres.

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