6 Tips For Driving Safely in Strong Wind and Rain

image of a car driving in severe rain weather

With the arrival of Storm Ciara over the weekend, we’ve all experienced high wind speed, and bad rainfall. At times like this when severe weather is upon us it is important to take care when driving. Severe weather demands all our concentration and attention when driving. High wind and rain can significantly increase the risk of dangerous situations occurring for everyone. 

Before setting off on your car journey, it is worth considering whether it is really necessary. Sometimes the best decision is to avoid driving and stay off the road completely until the weather clears. If there is no other option and you need to make the journey, then be sure to reduce distractions and keep your attention on the road at all times.

How to drive safely in strong wind and rain:

  • Anticipate gusts of wind

    Particularly when you are driving in an area that is prone to strong winds, such as open roads with no natural shielding or wind barrier


  • Be aware of large vehicles

    Larger vehicles are more susceptible to strong winds and they have difficulty staying in lanes


  • Keep a firm grip on the wheel

    When driving in high winds, make sure you keep both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel; this is in case the wind worsens and begins to move your vehicle


  • Take your time and slow down

    If you’re making a journey in bad weather, take your time and slow down


  • Turn your lights on

    By turning on your headlights and backlights, this will help you see more clearly when driving in harsh weather as well as help other vehicles see you too


  • Give other vehicles more space

    If you add a few extra stopping distance seconds between you and the car in front, it gives you, and the cars behind you, more time to react to traffic, sudden braking and other hazards that may occur


When visibility is poor due to heavy rain and strong gusts of wind, one thing drivers should be cautious of, and try to avoid is hydroplaning, also known as aquaplaning. This occurs when a vehicle is travelling too fast in bad weather, especially heavy rain conditions. A layer of water builds between the vehicle wheels and the road surface. This leads to a loss of traction on the road and prevents the vehicle from responding to controls, which can make steering difficult and lead to a complete loss of vehicle control.


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