A Guide to Buying Replacement Tyres

Tyres are essential for car safety and also performance, so choosing the right replacement tyres when the time comes is imperative. There are a few key considerations to make when buying new tyres, and those include the different ratings, performance, and your budget. Longbridge Tyres use our industry expertise to go into more detail about these important features in our latest blog post below.

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The Tyre Manufacturing Process

Although there is no ‘set in rubber’ tyre manufacturing process, we can begin take a look at a crude rendition in order to better understand the intricacies of producing ‘shoes for cars’. What’s more, since tyres are partially responsible for the steering, braking, and handling of your car, it can make us feel a little more at ease to understand the complexity and exhaustive nature of the operation on the whole.

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The History of the Dunlop Tyres in Birmingham

While many of us may have driven past Fort Dunlop, just off the M6 at junction 5, not so many of us will be aware that this location is the original tyre factory and main office of Dunlop Rubber. In fact, it is not very widely known that Dunlop Rubber was founded in Birmingham with John Boyd Dunlop discovering and developing the first pneumatic tyre.

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The Best Motoring Events Within One Hour of Solihull

When we think of British motoring events, we often cast our minds to the Goodwood Festival of Speed – or perhaps the Formula One British Grand Prix – but the West Midlands has some fantastic offerings in this field.

Here at Longbridge Tyres, we are motoring enthusiasts that just happen provide new and performance tyres for customers throughout Birmingham and Solihull, so we have put together a few of the best motoring events within an hour of Solihull for your perusal.

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Top Tips for Driving in Snow

The British winter weather is pretty unpredictable and you can never really be prepared for driving in snow, as the weather can never make its mind up. However, when it does snow, it’s important you know how to drive appropriately for the weather, as icy and wet roads can cause disruption to the roads and dramatically affects your driving ability. If the weather is exceptionally bad and the snow is heavy, then avoid leaving the house at all if possible. Adverse weather is not only dangerous but can also be frightening for new and less experienced drivers.

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How to Drive Safely in the Rain

Living in the UK, we understand the weather can – oftentimes – be less favourable for those less-inclined to rain. This wet weather can be especially treacherous when driving, as the water can lead to a multitude of factors that hinder safety. In light of this, we decided to put together a few key points that will help you drive safely when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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