Car DIY Tricks: How to Repair a Flat Tyre

Car DIY Tricks: How to Repair a Flat Tyre

Finding a flat tyre is the last thing you want, but is almost inevitable if you spend a lot of time in your car. Either your tyre tread will wear away and be deemed illegal to drive or you will suffer from a flat tyre. Of course, the quickest and simplest solution would be to replace the tyre for a new one. We have a number of branded performance tyres to replace your punctured tyre, so you can get your car back on the road as soon as possible. But for those on a budget, a new tyre simply isn’t an option.

As set out by the British Standard BS AU159, all tyres must be removed in order to judge internal damage. They detail the rules that must be adhered to when checking damage, deciding how to repair a tyre, and with what material.

There are a number of ways you can repair a tyre yourself, so we’ve outlined how:

Pre-Puncture Sealant

These are pumped into the tyre with compressed air to prevent any punctures you receive while driving. The sealant acts instantly to fill and cover any puncture so that you can continue to drive and it won’t result in a flat tyre. Many people have expressed concern that due to their results, you can never tell if you have received a puncture and will continue driving on a damaged tyre.

Post-Puncture Sealant

Post-puncture sealants can be used once you have found a puncture. The sealant is injected through the tyre valve to cover the puncture then the tyre can be re-inflated with compressed air.

As the British Standards enforce the rules of tyre repair, they have detailed that all tyres must be removed in order to be repaired. Therefore, sealants do not provide permanent solutions to a flat tyre and the damage to your tyre permanently remains. These can wear away and punctures can return and the tyre must be replaced.

If you require any tyre advice or are looking to replace your flat tyre for a new one, then Longbridge Tyres has a wide selection of high-performance tyres. Call us today on 0121 457 7582 for an instant quote on your new tyre.